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Alpha Hydration Services is your personal wellness, vitamins, and hydration company.  We come to you, in the comfort of your home or you can come to us and discuss your wellness needs.  We have IV vitamin infusions, IV hydration, Vitamin booster shots and can customize our formulations to get the most benefit for you.  We can address fatigue, jet lag, chronic dehydration, nausea, party recovery and even offer weight loss and beauty injections and infusions.  Wellness begins at the cellular level with proper nutrition, vitamins and hydration.  We are experts in IV infusions and our experience is unparalleled.  ER physician and ER RN owned and operated.  We are excited to share our expertise, knowledge, and wellness plans with you.  Call for a free consultation and discuss your wellness goals.

~Jon MD, Dwayne RN, BSN and Kyme RN

What we offer

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Try The Hydrenergy IV Lounge in Woodland Hills.

We specialize in exercise overexertion including, but not limited to

triathletes, MMA, cyclists, and marathon runners. We constantly are seeking a demographic that can benefit from our services. 

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