Easy ways to stay hydrated on hot summer days

Deciding to keep hydrated is about much more than preventing discomfort. Excellent hydration helps to balance your weight loss, it gives you a fresher face, and it prevents medical emergencies.

At Alpha Hydration Services, we provide people throughout Woodland Hills, CA, with a little extra help on the hydration front. If you’re looking forward to a long and hot summer, you may want to learn more about maintaining good hydration.

Go back to basics with water

It won’t come as any surprise that your number one way to keep hydrated is to drink lots of water. As many of us lead hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to forget something as simple as water consumption. And when we consume plenty of caffeine, we’re packing our bodies with dehydrating diuretics at the same time.

To make maintaining your water intake easier, invest in a large water bottle and commit to finishing its contents each day. If you reach the point where you can refill it and drink that too, you’ll do your body a great service.

Replace your fluids when working out

Working out calls for additional water consumption. Choose to keep extra hydrated following a session at the gym. That way, you’ll also prevent conditions such as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Rather than sticking to just water, you may also want to consider a hypotonic sports drink. When you sweat, you’re losing some of the minerals that help you maintain healthy hydration levels.

Hypotonic sports drink replace your electrolytes and further prevent DOMS. Depending on the type of workout you’re trying, you may want to top yourself up as you go along.

Cut out the diuretics to keep hydrated

Diuretics are everywhere and many of us don’t realize how often we drink them. Chief among your water-banishing diuretics is coffee. If you drink one or two cups to get yourself through the day, you may want to consider cutting back.

Don’t forget to address lesser-known diuretics, too. Tea, sodas, and alcohol all cause you to lose more body fluids than you need to. In addition to cutting some of them from your diet, you should add more water in to compensate for any losses.

Start monitoring your hydration levels

You don’t need a science degree to start monitoring your hydration levels. One foolproof way to do it is to check your urine for signs of dehydration.

Ideally, your urine will be a pale yellow to clear color. When it is, it’s a reliable sign that you’re hydrated.

In contrast, dehydration results in urine that’s more concentrated. This means it will range between being dark yellow to almost brown. It’s also likely to smell stronger when you’ve not made much effort to keep hydrated. If you’re unhappy with your urine color, it’s time to start drinking more water.

Try one of our hydrating IV drips

When you need rapid hydration, stat, try one of our IV drips at Alpha Hydration Services. Situated in Woodland Hills, CA, we offer IV drips that are infused with essential vitamins to those who want to repair their health quickly.

As the fluids will enter your body rapidly, you’ll experience the benefits of quick hydration almost immediately. Depending on the type of fluids you choose, you’ll also experience a boost in your energy levels.

At Alpha Hydration Services, our IV drips feature vitamins such as B12. As the vitamin that’s responsible for preventing anemia, B12 is a health essential that’ll contribute to your overall well-being. You’ll beat dehydration and enhance your sense of wellness at once.

To learn more about how we can help you stay hydrated, call us today at 818 482 3252.

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