Introduction to Alpha Hydration Services

At Alpha Hydration Services, we understand the need for IV hydration therapy in everyday use, and not for when something goes wrong, and you get sick. This understanding motivated our staff of talented and professional emergency medical professionals to offer IV hydration therapy and vitamin infusions to everyday people to help them feel their best.

Serving the San Fernando Valley area, Alpha Hydration Services is working to fill a need for safe and effective rehydration and vitamin infusion treatments without the costly emergency room visits. We offer our tailored IV hydration therapy packages via concierge, or you can stop by our IV hydration lounge for your IV therapy.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs, and we have packages available to suit every type of personal need and budget. This is why our clients return to us again and again. They know they’ll get a personalized and quality experience, and they’ll come out of their IV hydration therapy session feeling better.

Alpha Hydration Services Offers Exclusive Packages to Our Clients

Our unique understanding that every person who comes to Alpha Hydration Services is unique has allowed us to tailor our services accordingly. We offer 15 different packages that we can bring straight to you to allow you to have your IV hydration therapy in the comfort of your own home. You can also arrange to have them in our hydration lounge. Either way, our services and packages include:

Hydrate- Our most basic and popular service for our clients, Hydrate will give you one liter of normal saline for just $99 per session.

Hydrenergy- The second tier is our Hydrenergy. For $119 per session, you’ll get IV fluids coupled with a B12 energy injection booster.

Mega Boost – For those clients who need more, you can have a Mega Boost session for $249. You’ll get IV fluids, B-vitamins, electrolytes, and an immunity boost.

Ultra Mega Boost – For $269 per session, our Ultra Mega Boost package gives you IV fluids, immunity boost, B vitamins, and a B12 injection. Or you can have Glutathione added to your Iv fluid bag.

Super Ultra Secret Mega Boost – You get your IV fluids with either Glutathione added with the Mega Boost, or you can have a B12 injection with the Mega Boost for $289.
Jet Lagster- Feeling a little sluggish? If so, our Jet Lagster package with IV Fluids, electrolytes and Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Vitamin D and more can give you a boost for only $199 per session.

Break the Ache – Don’t live in pain, let our IV fluids with non-narcotic pain medications and anti-nausea medications help you feel better. It’s just $149 per session.

Immune Booster- Beat the cold and flu season with our $199 Immune Booster package. It comes with IV fluids, electrolytes, and a host of vitamins.

Party Recovery – Have your cake and eat it too with our Party Recovery Package. It comes with anti-nausea medications, IV fluids, electrolytes and vitamins for $179.

Radiance Infusion – Give your skin and healthy and radiant glow with our infusion of Glutathione and Biotin for $149 per session.

B-Complex Infusion- For vegans and vegetarians that need a boost, this package contains IV fluids and B-vitamins for $149.
Vitamin Booster – For $50, you can get a boost of long-lasting energy with our quick and painless B12 and Thiamine injection.
Vitality Quick Infusion- This quick $129, 10-minute infusion of 50ml of saline and your choice of vitamins.
Boost Beauty Injection- Give your hair, skin, and nails some love with our $50 Glutathione and Biotin Injection treatment!

Glutathione Quick Fix- For just 10 minutes of your time and $149, you can give an infusion of 50ml of saline and Glutathione for radiant skin and an antioxidant boost.

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If you’re in need of a boost from IV hydration therapy, contact us. We’re happy to set up an appointment in our IV hydration lounge, or we can come to your home at a time that works for you!

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We strive to be the leader in IV Vitamin Therapy. Alpha Hydration Services prides itself on innovation, not trends. As the owners, we strive to be the best provider in the industry and offer personalized services where our clients inevitably become friends. Alpha Hydration is unparalleled when it comes to experience, knowledge, and compassion.

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