New Decade

It’s a new year, again. Boring right? C’mon, take a risk. Its a new decade too, so you should try something you have never tried. We are taking control of our food this year and trying to eradicate the over processed garbage that mass produced food offers and going clean. Yuck! Nah, not really. It has been awesome, we feel better, more energy, and even sleep better.

That being said, we didn’t just change our eating, we changed our brains. We choose healthier options and cut out the sugars and refined foods. We also added our monthly IV vitamin infusion so that we really focus on the whole wellness approach. Look, we have been getting IV vitamins ourselves for a while now and already know the benefits of these infusions. It’s amazing. You can’t explain the effects, it is something you have to experience yourself.

Its a new year, new decade and now is the time to take control, take a risk, get an IV vitamin drip. You will not be disappointed. I answer the same question all the time while i am giving someone an infusion. When can i do it again? The truth? Monthly for all the vitamins is sufficient. No need to do more than that unless you just love it that much. It won’t hurt you, however too much of a good thing can lead to hypervitaminosis. Never seen it, don’t even know how much vitamin intake it requires, but i assume a lot lot lot.

What about pain? Really it’s almost painless. A little needle, some cold numbing spray and a quick insertion and you are on your way to glorious wellness. How can that be bad?

Truthfully, all kidding aside, this is a fabulous time in wellness. We can take control of every aspect of our health. Regular vitamin infusions keep yur immunity up, energy up, hydration at normal level which in turn keeps your body well.

It’s the best. Start this decade out correctly and do yourself this one favor. Feel your best.

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We strive to be the leader in IV Vitamin Therapy. Alpha Hydration Services prides itself on innovation, not trends. As the owners, we strive to be the best provider in the industry and offer personalized services where our clients inevitably become friends. Alpha Hydration is unparalleled when it comes to experience, knowledge, and compassion.

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