Alpha Hydration went above and beyond expectations. I called them last minute for an IV fix and they were here within an hour. Very professional and genuine people who care about their customers. I’m already feeling better.

I will definitely use them in the future for their PRP facial service, too!
Sarah D.

I was hesitant to try Alpha Hydration bc they only had one Yelp review and I had never tried a Vitamin IV bag before. But I booked an appointment with them because they were easy to contact and were flexible and accommodated my last minute appointment. The office is brand new to the business, so that is why there have not been many yelp reviews. It is in a convenient location and very clean and comfortable. Dwayne and Kyme were very friendly and knowledgeable and they have the right credentials too (they are both ER nurses). After speaking with them, I realized that their business partner is an ER doctor who we are personal friends with! How crazy is that! Anyway my experience was great, and I felt replenished and healthy!
Erina K.

Excellent professional service with Kyme.
I was having a bad hangover, dehydrated, and nauseated, can’t drink any liquid to rehydrate myself.
I hate needles, but Kyme was able to give me the drip without any more discomfort than getting a flu shot.
The drip was very effective and took care of most of the symptom, glad I found this service.
Anthony C.

Paying AHS a visit before a trip will be a part of my vacation to-do check list going forward. I was feeling under the weather a few days before departure and I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help. I was really leery about visiting a medical spa that provided some similar services that AHS provides & upon some brief, but extensive text correspondence with Dwayne and Kyme, I felt assured that I chose the right place! Dwayne and Kyme were friendly, honest, and effective! Chose to do the IV with thiamine and b12 shot. And just like that… I felt 100% better. That thiamine really helped! Enjoyed my vacation without getting sick! If you’re having some doubts or questions – please reach out to AHS about the services they provide! Their zen lounge is easy to find, comfortable, and clean. You’ll thank yourself later!
Christine O.

Lifesavers! So lucky I happened to find them. They are super accommodating, will come to you or you can go to their beautiful location. I highly recommend you call Kyme, Dwayne and Cari if you are feeling sick or just need a boost, it will save you from being laid out for days!
Yasaman B

Alpha Hydration saved my life (I think). I was experiencing the worst hangover in existence, called them last minute and drove to their new, (unfurnished at the time) location just to accommodate my husband and I. They were both so helpful, friendly and very attentive. This was my first time doing the IV (deathly afraid of needles) and I would recommend going to them 100%!
Christy T

Absolutely loved my experience with Alpha Hydration. It was my first time ever getting “iv hydration,” and I will definitely be back! Dwayne answered my last minute call at 6:30pm on a Sunday night and I was sitting in the chair at 7:15pm… talk about service! I had a gnarly hangover that Alpha fixed, plus my skin looked great the following days as well. The office is beautiful and clean, they have fast WiFi, fridge is stocked with different flavors of sparkling water and the services offered are top notch. I will be coming back, but hopefully not because of another hangover. LOL. Thanks Alpha!
Christine H

My wife was VERY sick from a terrible hangover. I’d have to say one of the worst hangovers I’ve seen in 18 years with her. Within 1 hr after the IV, she was able to open her eyes, eat, and eventually start her day. We would’ve likely ended up in the ER paying thousands and losing an entire weekend sick and miserable. Alpha’s services were prompt, professional, and very reasonable. Thank you!

Dwayne & Kyme your services are just absolute perfection . ivy made us feel so good energized hydrated & happy / KYME your facial was just absolute excelling . thank you alpha hydration you 2 have great knowledge perfect time management skills clear communication & are SUPER Cool people.
Frm: Andy & Anna

Very pleased with my experience here. I did the glutathione IV treatment prior to my planned busy/stressful traveling weekend and I survived! The vitamins and hydration really helped me pull through and feel my best. I would definitely prep like this again!
Donna M

Dwayne had the i.v. set up within minutes, the fastest person I’ve ever seen putting in an i.v. have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Kym and Dwayne are so kind and welcoming with a comfortable environment and great conversation.
Jaylenne K

I got my first IV with Alpha Hydration services a couple months ago. Oh my goodness… I was skeptical, when I first got it. It gave me so much extra energy and focus!! I will be back!! (Many of my friends have called them for IVs after a night of drinking… it’s a life saver!)
Lauren L

Excellent customer service. Was there on time. The service went so smoothly. Dwayne is awesome he made sure we laughed throughout the entire time.
Ani B

Highly recommend! I was super sick and they loaded me up with tons of extra vitamins and gave me great service. Dwayne and Kim are super friendly and fun to be around so that makes the experience even better! The prices are very reasonable as well. I will definitely be going back soon! 🙂
Laura C

Love Alpha Hydration Services, I have used their services several times now and every time I have left feeling so much better. Kyme and Dwayne are so nice and put you at ease.
Heather T