Genetic Testing

Genetic testing for Health, Beauty, Sports and Nutrition.

DNA Kit comes to you
Starting @ $995

Party Recovery

IV Fluids, vitamins, nausea med and electrolytes. The Ultimate hangover helper


Immunity Booster/”Myers” Cocktail

IV Fluids, vitamins , electrolytes Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Glutathione and more….


Combine multiple infusions into one easy infusion.

Example: Immunity Booster+Radiance Infusion



The Anti-aging Miracle Drip

NAD in Normal Saline 250mg starting dose.

starting @ $429

*Note 2hr infusion for every 250mg

*In office only for doses greater than 250mg

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LA drip

IV Fluids, B vitamins, Myers, B12 and Glutathione 1000mg IV push

Great for detoxing from the LA air and boosting your immunity.


IV Fluids with B12 energy booster Infusion


Hollywood Drip

IV Fluids,Myers, B-vitamins, Glutathione 500mg IV push

A lighter version of the LA Drip. Less glutathione, but equally effective for immunity boosting.


Fat Burn Infusion

Multi Vitamin Infusion to aid with fat burning and weight loss.

*Healthy diet required for optimum effects

Glutathione Quick Infusion

50ml Normal Saline with 1gm Glutathione

10min Infusion


Radiance Infusion

IV Fluids with Glutathione, Lysine Vitamin C and Biotin


B Complex Infusion

IV Fluids with B vitamins

Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians




1Liter of NormaL Saline
The gold standard in fluid resuscitation