The Alpha Infusion

This is it! A combination of all our treatments including NAD. A smaller dose of NAD has proven to be effective for energy, anti-aging, and cellular repair. The dose in this infusion is well tolerated and causes little, if any, discomfort. The vitamins are plentiful yet dosed accordingly for maximum efficacy. This is the ONE infusion for everything. ADD Peptide therapy (price varies by peptide)for a number of enhancements! Ask about adding additional NAD at a discounted rate(up to 250mg)! Amazing for Covid recovery, wellness, immunity, jet lag, post party, general fatigue and more!


Covid Infusion

Vitamin C, Zinc and a healthy dose of 16 more vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants. Helps you recover more quickly and/or boosts your immune system for the cold and flu season.


Covid Vaccine Detox Infusion

Antioxidant infusion for detoxifying body of unwanted chemicals usually found in vaccinations. Recommend 7 days after each injection.


Party Recovery

IV Fluids, vitamins, nausea med and electrolytes. The Ultimate hangover helper


Immunity Booster/”Myers” Cocktail

IV Fluids, vitamins , electrolytes Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Glutathione and more….


The Anti-aging Miracle Drip

NAD in Normal Saline 250mg starting dose.

    250mg $629
    500mg $1099
    750mg $1529
    1000mg $1829

*Note 2hr infusion for every 250mg
*In office only for doses greater than 250mg

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LA drip

IV Fluids, B vitamins, Myers, B12 and Glutathione 1000mg IV push

Great for detoxing from the LA air and boosting your immunity.


IV Fluids with B12 energy booster Infusion


Hollywood Drip

IV Fluids,Myers, B-vitamins, Glutathione 500mg IV push

A lighter version of the LA Drip. Less glutathione, but equally effective for immunity boosting.


Fat Burn Infusion

Multi Vitamin Infusion to aid with fat burning and weight loss.

*Healthy diet required for optimum effects

Glutathione Quick Infusion

50ml Normal Saline with 1gm Glutathione

10min Infusion


Radiance Infusion

IV Fluids with Glutathione, Lysine Vitamin C and Biotin


B Complex Infusion

IV Fluids with B vitamins

Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians



1Liter of NormaL Saline
The gold standard in fluid resuscitation


Neuropathy Infusion

Neuropathies can be painful and life altering. We formulated an infusion to reduce neuropathic pain to help you get your life back.